• Built-in digital colorimetric system, the local color number of teeth can be displayed by mouse click.
  • The intelligent tooth preparation detection function makes the tooth preparation situation clear at a glance, improves the final restoration effect, and can be used at the same time

Clinical Teaching.

  • The mouth scanning software contains the functions of inverted concave observation, bite distance detection, frontal measurement, and edge line measurement.
  • Full-mouth scanning accuracy: ≤10μm.
  • Single tooth scanning accuracy: ≤7μm.
  • Precision (consistency): ≤5μm.
  • Design docking: Supports docking with chairside CAD and CAM systems for re-design.

Auto Design

Model Editor

Orth Quick View


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At Dental Lab Corazon De Jesus, we are proud to partner with VITA North America, a trusted subsidiary of the renowned VITA Zahnfabrik. This collaboration empowers our clinic to create a perfect synergy between dentists and lab technicians, ensuring the delivery of esthetically pleasing and functionally superior restorations. Our commitment is backed by unparalleled shade technology, quality products, and services that guarantee accurate color reproduction, leading to superior clinical and financial outcomes.

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Headquartered in Bad Säckingen, Germany, VITA Zahnfabrik, now run by the fourth generation of a family-owned legacy, blends craftsmanship with high-tech innovation. Approximately 770 employees from 20 countries collaborate to produce top-quality raw materials, high-performance production techniques, and specialist expertise.

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For a physical point of view, shades are defined in three dimensions: value, chroma and hue. VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER follows this scientific system, and comprehensively covers the natural tooth color space with 26 shades. As a result, the system offers exceptionally high process reliability, from precise shade determination to the finished restoration. Play Video below.